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Rev 1 - 02 FEB 2023


2023 USS Beale Reunion
Evansville, Indiana

Special Activities


Landing Ship Tank (LST) US 325, is one of many LSTs built in Evansville for service during WW II. It is only fitting, she has returned to Evansville as a "sea worthy" ship that continues to cruise the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and serve as a living memorial to her crews.

We will have a private tour while she is her home port and moored  on the Evansville Ohio River water front. The tour is being coordinated by John Davis, a crew member of LST 325 and our USS Beale DD-DDE 471.

Cost is $15.00 per person

The history of the LST, and especially LST US 325, can be seen at the following link:


Ed Bales is coordinating a visit and a private tour of the Evansville Wartime Museum. The Evansville Shipyard built
167 LST’s, Republic Aviation built 6,670 P-47 fighters, Chrysler manufactured 3,264,281,914 (billion) rounds of 45 caliber ammo during WWII. The Museum tells
the story!

We will tour the Museum between 2 and 4pm on Tuesday
Cost is $12.oo per person

Auction and Raffle: Scheduled for Monday evening, 21 AUG 2023.
Please remember to bring items that will fit in a suitcase. The items do not have to be expensive but should be something nice one would want to bid on or buy a raffle ticket(s) for a chance to win and take it home!
See POD for more detail.

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