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Hotel and Rates

Location! Location! Location!
The St. Augustine Renaissance Hotel, ideally situated for our crew, lies directly across the street from the Castillo San Marcos and within a short walking distance of the historic venues,  restaurants and shops in the heart of St. Augustine.

The St. Augustine Renaissance Hotel offered the best rates and value of all other St. Historic District in it class. And yes, the rates are significantly greater when compared to past reunions.

The current state of the economy and inflation have increased prices significantly across the board! Hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and travel companies are passing their costs onto their clients. This results in higher rates when compared to past years. The uncertainty of the economy, our advancing age, declining health, ability to travel and the cumulative effect on our disposable income continues to make it more difficult to obtain better "senior" group discounts.

Bottom line
The estimated cost per couple is $1150 plus travel and other miscellaneous expense.
1.  Room for three nights: $750
2. Banquets two nights; $400

Please recall, arriving at the bottom line has been a transparent process with the board and crew notices.

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Your hosts,
Valerie and George Altman


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