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The Beale Bugle

2022 Reunion



Mission Accomplished!!!!

Now Hear this!

USS BEALE DD/DDE 471 dropped anchor In New Orleans as planned!  Liberty Call was 7x24 until she departed on Thursday, March 31st for the Crew's 2023 Reunion with LST 325 on the shores of the Ohio River in Evansville, IN. 


Diane Sorola picked a March schedule. The weather was gorgeous and comfortable with mostly sunny skies, pleasantly warm temperatures without the oppressive humidity that bogs down the city in the summer. And, most importantly, no Hurricanes!


Our 2020 and 2021 Reunions scheduled for New Orleans had to be postponed because of COVID and Hurricane IDA. 2022 proved to be a charm.


Diane selected great dates and rates for us at the Higgins Hotel, the National WW-II Museum and all the other attractions she had scheduled for the earlier Reunions. Click on the TABs below for more info. 

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