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The Museum is a treasure trove of artifacts and information about World War II. The crew tried to see all exhibits in a two-day visit. There is just too much there to be enjoyed in such a short time. We will share our experiences with you.


The Museum is directly across the street from the Higgins Hotel on Magazine Street. Here is a nighttime panoramic view taken from our hotel room.


The red, white and blue Canopy of Peace rises 148 feet above the center of the campus and standing 481 feet long and 133 feet wide


You may go to the following link for additional information:

Bollinger Canopy of Peace | The National WWII Museum | New Orleans (


Dog Tag Experience


A must see and participate feature of the National WWII Museum! It begins at the Union Pacific Train Station where you will experience a virtual trip to a tour in the military and WWII. Upon exiting the Train Car, you will be issued a “Dog Tag” that will enable you to collect various artifacts related to the WWII Vet you are following through the Museum. Also, it will enable you access the Dog Tag Experience website where you are given an oral history of your WWII Veteran.


My “dog tag” was that of Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay.


You can experience his story by accessing

You may login using my email address:



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