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World War II

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Medals awarded to USS Beale during World War II

American Campaign Medal WW-II

Asiatic Pacific Campaign Ribbon with 6 Battle Stars

World War II Victory Medal

Navy Occupation Medal - post WW-II Japan.

Landings and Shore Bombardments

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Battle of Okinawa

USS Newcomb DD-586

USS Leutze DD-481

USS Beale DD-471

On 6 April 1945 during the battle of Okinawa, USS Newcomb DD-586 was struck by Japanese Kamikazes causing severe damage resulting in loss of life, fires and sevre damage to the ship. Nearby was USS Leutze DD-481. Leutze came along side Newcomb to assist with casualties, fires and damage control. At that time, Leutze was struck by a Kamikaze inflicting severe damage. Also nearby was the Beale. She came along side Newcomb and Leutze to assist and to provide cover for any additional Kamikaze attacks. At the end of the battle and once damage control activities stablized Newcomb and Leutze, Newcomb was able to return to safe haven on one screw and Beale towed Newcomb to port for repairs.

Painting by Bob Boyle of Newcomb fires and Leutze on course to assist while under attack by Kamikazes

Photo taken from Beale bridge showing damage, fire and smoke to Newcomb.

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Beale Battles

As painted on Aft Gun Director

The photo on the left is an original from the collection of Rudy Tichy. On the right is aphoto copy of another and different picture received from Rudy.


The battle records were painted on the Aft Gun Director by different artists at different times.


The photo on the left includes shows a symbol for a German U-Boat sunk in the Caribbean while Beale was on its journey to the Pacific in 1943. Also, it depicts the sinking of the Japanese battleship Yamashiro and cruiser Mogami at Surigao Strait. In addition, the photo has tallies of shore bombardments and downed Japanese aircraft.


On the right, the german U-Boat is absent and a submarine is included with sunken ships. Is the sub the U-Boat or is it Japanese? If anyone has a written account of either or both submarine sinkings, please send an email to

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