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USS Beale Envelopes and Postmarks

The Beale PCs or Postal Clerks worked in the very close quarters of the Beale Post Office located on starboard side. The PC's received and carefully sorted our incoming mail. Misrouted mail was not an option! Outgoing mail was postmarked then bagged for transfer. When at sea, mail was high-lined to and from carriers and supply ships. The Fleet Post Office knew our location and planned deployments. Mail was routed and delivered to us with little delay.BZ to the FPO.

The envelopes in this collection were all mailed from the Beale. Please note letters originating in the Combat Zones of WW-II and Vietnam did not require postage but were postmarked.

Should you have Beale postmarked mail, please send a copy of the envelope for inclusion to this historical file.

Beale Postal Covers-3.jpg
Beale Postal Covers-1.jpg
Beale Postal Covers-2.jpg
Beale Postal Covers-4.jpg
Beale Postal Covers-7.jpg
Beale Postal Covers-5.jpg
Beale Postal Covers-6.jpg
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