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USS Beale
2022 Reunion Auction

LeRoy Thurn, Auctioneer's Mate
LeRoy VanDyke, Auctioneer

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A Reunion Tradition

The Beale Reunions have always had fund raisers to ensure "next year's" host would have sufficient funds for hotel , entertainment and meal deposits. The fund raisers consisted of  auctions and raffles. The auction items would be donated by shipmates then bid on and sold to those in attendance. Some items were Beale memorabilia, nautical items, handcrafts, jams and jellies, and, of course, nicely wrapped mystery & gag gifts. The auctioneers were generally colorful but clean spoken shipmates who just plain enjoyed having fun. For several years, we had an official "Auctioneer's Mate". Hartwell "Jim" Paul, a professional auctioneer, provided the entertainment while squeezing a few more dollars from sometimes thrifty bidders. Although Jim is no longer with us,  thank you Jim.


Hartwell "Jim" Paul, Auctioneer's Mate Retired

The raffles furnished the opportunity for all to have a chance to win some nice things such as quilts, sweaters and other similar and desirable items. The centerpiece of the raffles was a large scale model of the Beale in her WW2 configuration. Over the years Bill Jones crafted about 12 models. Thank you Bill.

Beale model.jpg
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