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We are holding our Annual Raffle and Auction immediately after dinner on Saturday evening, October 13th.

The Raffle will offer higher value items such as quilts, afghans, sweaters, carvings and other donated items that do not generate offers commensurate with their cost and/or effort/time to build, sew, weave, knit, fashion or construct.

Special Raffle

We will offer a to-scale model of the USS Beale in her WW-II configuration. The model was constructed by Bill Jones, BMSN and is being donated by Joe Repasch, SO2, 1951-55. Shown below is a model ship from a prior year. It's about 3 feet in length and finely detailed.


The Auction seems to be everyone's favorite fund raiser. We hope to have Sol Kelman as our auctioneer as he has a knack getting our shipmates to raise their bids.

Please bring your auction items to the reunion. They can be almost anything you think is something someone will want and bid on. We have enjoyed wrapped "mystery" and "surprise" items as they can evoke wild cries of laughter.

Examples are a piece of the Arizona Memorial donated by Steve James, MM2, 1966-68 and a Beale Ship's Plaque donated by Jack Spencer,SFM3, 1966-68.

50 / 50

Lastly, we will have a 50/50 to generate a little extra cash to be used when coordinating the 2019 reunion..

Other very important information

Since the hotel has graciously offered to transport our auction and raffle items from the Hospitality Room to the Dolphin Dining Room, where the Fundraiser will be held, you may bring your donated items to the hospitality room for all to have a "preview".


Do not leave items such as jewelry and other items for display in the Hospitality Room that are easily "pocketable"!

Also New This Year

Many have told us the Fundraiser can be a bit lengthy. So, in order to save time at the Fundraiser, we will be selling raffle tickets in the Hospitality Room.

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