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USS Beale DD/DDE-471

2022 Reunion New Orleans


New Orleans Riverboat Tour

City of New Orleans


One if by land, two if by sea!


This was not a planned tour and not in the POD. We "happened" upon the Riverboat while taking a leisurely stroll on Toulouse St toward the Mississippi River. We had the afternoon to ourselves and said, "why not"! Now for the "rest of the story".

Exploring NOLA on the Bus Tour by LAND was very enjoyable. Why not explore the city by SEA via a Riverboat Tour?

The two-hour journey down the mighty Mississippi began and ended at the Lighthouse Ticket Office, located behind Jax Brewery, at Toulouse Street & the Mississippi River in the French Quarter. 

Our Guide was seated in the main dining room of the City of New Orleans He demonstrated an extensive repertoire of "all things" New Orleans and the Mississippi River. His running commentary described what we were seeing and its place in history. However, as with the Bus Tour, being a Senior Citizen, much of the information is now beyond recall. Oh well, I can focus on what I do remember and "fill in the blanks''. We steamed downriver past the French Quarter. The map in the Gallery below, outlines our route passing by numerous landmarks, piers, barges, tugs and most notably, the Domino Sugar plant in Chalmette. We turned upriver just south of Domino and continued to the Ponchartrain Expressway Bridge before returning to the landing.

It doesn't end there, needing transportation to the hotel, we called Uber. My cell phone battery died immediately thereafter. Neither we nor Uber was able to contact the other. Fortunately, Brad Thompson, nearby fine artist and gentleman offered the use of his studio phone and cell phone charger. Made the call, charged the phone and we were on our way. Thank you, Brad!

You can see Brad's work at

Just another well planned day in New Orleans!

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River Boat Gallery

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