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USS Beale DD/DDE-471   -   40th Annual Reunion Issue


grp ml 2016_edited.jpg

Front Row: ?,?, Valerie Altman, Nancy Stagg, Marion Brumley, ?, ?

2nd Row: Leslie Leslie, Blanche Kelman, Mary Ann McAuley, Linda Fletcher, Lynn Harvey

3rd Row: Dave Leslie, Sol Kelman, Jim McAuley, ?, ?, Doug Fletcher

4th Row: Gary Reed, Chet Stagg, Ken Brumley, George Altman, Bob Duke, Chuck Hunnell, Paul Barry, Chuck Harvey

The Crew is set for a
5 - Day Cruise
◦ Day 1 Oct 23, 2016, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
◦ Day 2 Oct 24, 2016 Key West, Florida
◦ Day 3 Oct 25, 2016 At Sea
◦ Day 4 Oct 26, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas
◦ Day 5 Oct 27, 2016 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Day 1 - Fort Lauderdale

We arrived in late morning and early afternoon with great anticipation of what may lie ahead. The lines in the cruise terminal were not overly long and soon we were aboard the Celebrity Infinity. First things first! We were greeted with Champagne Cocktails as we came aboard. Just getting ahead a bit, the entire cruise would prove to be of "Champagne" quality.

Since our cabins and luggage were not immediately available, it was time to explore the ship and indulge in our first Infinity meal. Some tried out the grill and others the sumptuous buffet. And, of course, the adult beverages were sampled fore and aft!

Setting Sail for Key West

In late afternoon, the Infinity set the "special sea and anchor detail" and we departed for Key West. We received a Coast Guard escort from the pair to the inlet. While going through the channel, we received a few "bon voyage" wishes and "farewell" waves. See the Gallery below. You can click on a picture to see an expanded view.

An Evening at Sea

After settling into our cabins we migrated to a nice mid-ships lounge.

L'aissez les bon temps roulez!

Our first dinner aboard the Infinity was fabulous. The food and beverages, the ambience, the service and the company were all out of this world!

What to do now?

Let the good times roll!

A stage show in the Infinity Theater

Music, singing and dancing in the lounges

Strolling about the ship

Games of chance in the Casino

People watching everywhere

Lido Deck to enjoy a single-malt scotch and a fine cigar


A welcomed sight after an evening at sea!

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